Friday, January 6, 2012

The Adventures of Blog Duck

DUCK! Ah, I do so enjoy unconventional beginnings. They allow for so many questions that force the reader to continue with the story to answer all of them; or to find out which question is the real one. For example, with the start of this blog there are several questions. Is someone commanding you to duck? Is there someone with a gun? Is someone pointing out a the presence of waterfowl? There are many, many more possibilities for questions.
         Questions are the fuel of the writing hook. In my opinion, the more questions a hook causes, the better it is. When I read a great hook (admittedly mine isn't very good for this blog) I analyze it for how many questions I can form from just the beginning sentence. I love good beginning. I believe I may continue my speculations at a later time when I am more prepared and emotionally stable to think clearly and provide you, dear reader, with a better blog post.
        I apologize for the short blog but my mind is not thinking straight due to the death of my grandma. Maybe I'll blog at that experience next. Again, I apologize.

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