Saturday, July 21, 2012

5 Reasons I Love Being a Writer

While working in a factory this summer I decided to create a list of 5 reasons I love being a writer. So, here it is!

#1: I create things.
Everything I do while writing is an act of creation. If I am writing a feature on someone, I am creating a profile of them to share with readers. If I am writing a short story, I am creating a memory in the mind of the readers. If I am writing a novel, I am giving the readers an entire world for them to enjoy.

#2: I plant emotion.
When I write I am planting emotion into a story and that emotion seeps back out to the reader, connecting them to the characters and the story.

#3: I serve others.
By writing I give people enjoyment of a good story and I give them relief from the stresses of the world.

#4: I teach others.
With my writing I can impart knowledge and moral lessons to the readers. I can educate the readers about things they otherwise would never have known. I can help the readers understand things that they may have known about but not understood.

#5: I don't have to work meaningless tasks in a factory full of people going nowhere in life!!!

What are some of your reasons that you love being a writer?


  1. Very nice reasons - I liked it.

  2. Great reasons, Joshua! And I suppose one of my main reasons I love writing is that I get to create; I am creative in many ways and it is just one outlet to express myself. And I've always had a natural gift with words. Also, I just like sharing with others and hopefully doing good things with my writing to help others in various ways whether it is to inspire, uplift, educate or just make them laugh. Writing, especially good writing, is truly a blessing and has so much power! Take care, Joshua!

  3. Thank you, Cyn and Lena, for your kind comments. I have noticed that many writers are creative in other ways like music and art or drama. I especially like your motivation to help and inspire others with your writing, Lena.

  4. Great list. And I agree that people who write often have other creative outlets, too. I am a textile artist and I often use textiles as symbols in my writing. And I tend to tell stories with my textiles, whether it be an aran sweater or a quilt, a stuffed toy or a tapestry, they all have a tale to tell. I love opening people's imagination. And I hate meaningless, mindless repetitive work. There is a place for it, and people who can do it. I'm not one of them.

  5. Your comment, Kelly, that all your textile workings have a story to tell is very similar to what I think each day when I watch the people around me. Everyone has a story and everything, down to the scratched floor, has a story to. Even those who do mindless, repetitive work may have fascinating lives outside that. Or they may not. There are days I wish I could see the stories of everyone around in full detail. But I reason that some of those stories I do not want to know. Thanks for your comment.


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