Friday, February 3, 2012

Noisy Blogging

In a household with children, noise is an ever present reality. That is, except for nap-times. The noisy bloggers of the internet world are like this. Link-dropping noisy bloggers are like this. They drop their blog link on sites and trumpet it perpetually, but the blog is filled with noise. The only time they are quiet is when they have not posted something new.

In these blogs there is rarely any focus. There is rarely any kernels of precise interest or profound knowledge. Have you ever tried to understand what a two-year-old is saying when they are excited? You understand only a few eligible "words" out of the slew of noise which could be called "communication." Indeed, they are trying to communicate; trying and failing.

I am not saying that writing that way can not develop into better writing. After all, haven't we advanced from our two-year-old method of communicating to the sophisticated (in comparison) communication we use on a day to day basis? But how did we get to this point? We got here because our parents coached us in our communication. They taught us manners. They suffered through our "terrible twos." They made us go to school. Yes, admit it, sometimes you didn't want to go.

So, in the same way, before trying to express an idea to the internet world of users, the writer should educate themselves and strive to write clearly, precisely, and without noise. We, as fellow writers, should guide our fellow writers to better communication. I know, my friends, that I enjoy feedback. If someone takes offense then they deserve to dwell in that pit.

Onward, fellows, to the second part of this blog! What is "noise" in a blog? Noise is found in a blog that has no set purpose. This blog's content tends to waver, to flutter from one snippet to another. This can be okay, if done right. Noise consists of poor writing. Noise consists of uninteresting blog foundations. Noise can even exist in blogs with a poor background and poor site structure. For example: A bland, white and black webpage with the generic set up and no personal information on the author.

We, as good writers, should avoid these things in our blogs. Make all your content interesting, write clearly, and have an interesting web design. Also, make the blog personal. Add a thorough profile and a nice picture. Make your writing personal. Blog readers are interested in your blog because they are interested in what you have to say. So, for the universal reputation of blogging, say it without noise.

Joshua A. Spotts


  1. And yet there's nothing more natural or interesting, to me, than a noisy, excited toddler discovering something new for the first time, and seeking to share.

    Hopefully writers express themselves more eloquently, though ;)

  2. aye, children are amusing when they are excited and find something new. It is wonderful that they want to share, but we still need to help them share more effectively.


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