Monday, October 31, 2011

Perfection, Flaws, and Character

Pouring rain, the feel of your lover's soft lips on your wet cheek, the sensation vibrating through the air at that simple brush of flesh on flesh, yeah, I've never been one for romance novels. This past week I read one. It was one of the best books I’ve ever read. If you’re interested, the book is by Jenny B. Jones, it is called There You’ll Find Me.
A particular quote struck me as I was reading it. This quote lodged itself in my mind and, though I have written it down, I can’t get it out. So, once more, I shall commit it to paper (on the web…) A peculiar nun named Sister Maria told the main character that “music is never perfect. It has flaws, it has character.”
Through the few days that have passed since I found this quote, I have come to the realization that it applies to writing as well. Writing is never perfect. It has flaws, it has character. No matter how hard the writer tries, his work is never perfect. But, it is those flaws, those imperfections that make his writing unique. Writers, do not concern yourselves with perfection. Concern yourselves instead with character, with developing your own style.
Sister Maria’s quote applies to life as well, perhaps that shall be the next post.
Keep writing my friends,
~Joshua A. Spotts


  1. This is really encouraging, Josh!

  2. Did you get this as a review book? Cuz I just started it myself! It is amazing; I was very impressed for a romance. :)

  3. Aye, I chose There You'll Find Me as a review book. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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